Trump Decides To Scrap Anti-LGBT Executive Order

You likely remember that last week a draft executive order was leaked from the White House—an order that would abolish the LGBT protections Obama put in place and would allow for LGBT discrimination under the guide of religious freedom. Fortunately, it seems Trump has come to his senses and scraped the order.

Ever since the order was leaked to the public, the White House has been pressured by LGBT advocates to leave the Obama protections in place and trash the proposed order. Many of Trump’s advisors were in favor of the new anti-LGBT order, but Ivanka and her husband were dead set against it and tried to convince the president that it was the wrong move. Well, it now seems that Trump actually listened to reason because it was announced that the protections will now stay in place.

The anti-gay religious organization, the American Family Association, is very upset about this change in plans and has spoken out against the administration’s decision.

Tim Wildmon, the organization’s president, said: “Liberals and homosexual activists are advancing their radical agenda by attempting to torpedo President Donald Trump’s executive order. After the executive order was leaked, radical activists demanded that the White House keep in place the policy implemented by President Obama’s executive order.”

He continued, adding: “The Obama policy bans federal contractors from funding if they refuse to change their non-discrimination policies to include homosexuals and ‘transgender’ persons. If Christians remain silent and do not let President Trump know they stand with him on religious liberty, then the only voices he will hear are those of radical homosexual activists.”

For now, though, it seems that Trump is actually listening to the one rationale person on his team—his tolerant and open-minded daughter.

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Trump Decides To Scrap Anti-LGBT Executive Order
Article Name
Trump Decides To Scrap Anti-LGBT Executive Order
Trump has decided to keep LGBT protections in place and not issue the leaked executive order.