Trump Sees Victory In Nevada Caucus

Donald Trump is on a roll as of late, as he chalked up his third consecutive win by taking the Nevada caucus against the other Republican candidates.

This victory follows his other wins in New Hampshire and South Carolina. In Nevada, Trump resoundingly beat his main two rivals Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who were pretty closely tied at second place.

Trump made a brief victory speech to the crowd of cheering supporters, saying: “We’re winning, winning, winning the country, and soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning.”

As you can see in the chart below, Marco Rubio just barely scraped past Ted Cruz for second place with 23.83% of the vote, with Ted himself getting 21.39%. Ben Carson was once again trailing at 4.83%, with John Kasich getting a paltry 3.60%. As you can also see, Trump beat both of his main rivals convincingly, with 45.90%.


We also had the Democratic candidates at Nevada last week, which as you may remember saw Hillary Clinton once again scored a narrow victory against Bernie Sanders, which she definitely needed after he loss in Iowa. But, it is important to remember that this the second time it has been extremely close between the two, as Hillary got 52.6% versus Bernie’s 47.3% – only a difference of 5%.

It will be interesting to see the results that come from the Democratic visit to South Carolina, as both Bernie and Hillary have been focusing their South Carolina campaigns on the black vote.

The race between these two has been very back and forth, and I have a feeling that when it finally comes down to the final nomination pick, it will go right down to the wire. As for the Republicans, while Trump is indeed a very scary prospect, he is actually preferable to Ted Cruz who has made it clear he is a “Christian first, American second”.

Here’s a quick look at what’s to come in the Presidential race:

27 February – South Carolina primary (Democrat)

1 March – ‘Super Tuesday’, where about a dozen states choose their party candidates, with about a quarter of all nominating delegates up for grabs

18-21 July – Republican convention, nominee picked

25-28 July – Democratic convention, nominee picked

8 November – US presidential elections

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Article Name
Trump Sees Victory In Nevada Caucus
Donald Trump has secured his third victory in a row by taking the Nevada caucus against the other Republican candidates.