Trump to Appear at Anti-LGBT Event in Orlando on Anniversary of Massacre

Trump is set to appear in Orlando on the two month anniversary of the massacre in the Pulse nightclub.

He won’t be making this appearance as a show of respect or acknowledgment of the 49 victims, Trump is instead going to be at the Rediscovering God in America event. This event is held by the anti-LGBT American Renewal Project.

According to Bloomberg, ARP are going to ask Trump about his plans to fight “homosexual totalitarianism”.

David Lane, ARP’s founder, said: “….what about the religious liberty of Christian photographers, Christian bakers, Christian retreat centers, and pastors who believe same-sex intercourse and marriage is sin?”

“These Christians were simply living out their deeply held convictions of their Christian faith when they politely refused to provide services for a same-sex wedding. Doesn’t the First Amendment give us all a right to our beliefs? Homosexual totalitarianism is out of the closet, the militants are trying herd Christians there.”

Despite this appearance and his party adopting an anti-LGBT platform at a convention this month, Trump still claims that he is better for LGBT people than Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Naturally, Trump’s support of ARP and the Rediscovering God in America event has been met with criticism.

The National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund slammed both Trump and ARP. The Task Force Deputy Executive Director Russell Roybal had this to say: “Holding this event is an insult to the victims and families of those innocent people who were murdered barely two months ago. Decent people everywhere will be appalled.”

“Stirring up homophobia and islamophobia is wrong at the best of times but to do so when the entire Orlando community is still grieving and recovering from the Pulse tragedy, is beyond distasteful.”

“Donald Trump may have mentioned the LGBTQ community in his acceptance speech which some people interpreted as a positive signal to our community — despite the vehemently anti-LGBTQ views of his running mate Mike Pence and the Republican Party platform. But now Donald Trump and Marco Rubio plan to breathe the oxygen of publicity into an openly anti-LGBTQ event, joining some of the most notorious anti-LGBTQ people out there. Haven’t the people of Orlando had enough?”

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Trump to Appear at Anti-LGBT Event in Orlando on Anniversary of Massacre
Article Name
Trump to Appear at Anti-LGBT Event in Orlando on Anniversary of Massacre
Trump is set to appear at an anti-LGBT event on the anniversary of the Orlando massacre.