Trump To Roll Back LGBT Protections, Republican Confirms

There has been a lot of talk and concern surrounding the future of LGBT rights in the US ever since the election of Donald Trump, and especially after every cabinet member he has chosen is anti-LGBT.

There have been mixed messages about what Trump will do regarding the LGBTQ+ rights Obama established in his Presidency, and it seems that those rights’ days are numbered. A senior Republican has said that the Trump administration will be rolling back the executive orders signed in by President Obama.

The protections put in place by Obama will be undone to allow homophobic legislation to be passed. The senior Republican in question is none other than Oklahama Representative Steve Russell, who is hoping to pass the Russell Amendment.

This amendment would allow discrimination against LGBT people on the basis of religious beliefs.

When speaking to BuzzFeed, he said that he expected the Russell Amendment to be passed: “These issues will be resolved, and we have gotten some very good assurances moving forward. I am certainly encouraged by the signs that I am getting from the administration that is inbound.”

He wouldn’t go into any specifics, however.

If the Russell Amendment does make it’s way into law, we can it to be just the beginning when it comes to the reversal of equality.  This is according to Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, who opposed the Russell Amendment.

He said: “Let us be clear: the fight against bigotry, intolerance, and discrimination does not end with the Russell Amendment. Our government should have no part in funding discrimination — not now, not tomorrow, and not next year. In the aftermath of this presidential election, we must be even more vigilant in our efforts to protect the fundamental right of all Americans to equal protection under the law.”

At the moment, Trump has yet to comment on these claims. Fingers crossed that he’s misinformed on this one, as to take step backwards on the path to true liberty would be a horrible precedent.

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Trump To Roll Back LGBT Protections, Republican Confirms
Article Name
Trump To Roll Back LGBT Protections, Republican Confirms
Donald Trump will roll back the LGBT protections put in place by Obama, according to a senior Republican.