Twins come out to dad in moving video

Twins Austin and Aaron Rhodes have come out to their father in a moving video

Twin brothers Austin and Aaron Rhodes decided to start off the New Year by coming out as gay to their father.

The 19-year-old twins, who are models in LA, came out over the phone to their father who lives in Ohio.

They recorded the emotional conversation and uploaded it to their YouTube channel.

Holding back their tears, and fearing they would lose their father's love, the brothers initially struggled to find the words to tell their father.

When they did their father responded: "It's the way things are, you know. You're grown people. You grew up in a lot different generation than me. I just don't really know what to say — you know I love you both and that'll never change."

To date the video has been seen by over 3.3 million people, and the twins have said that they hope their coming out will be an inspiration to others.

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