UCLA Study Finds 4.5% of U.S. Population Identifies as LGBT

A study was recently published by the UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute about the LGBT proportion of the population of the United States. It was found that roughly 4.5% of the total population of the U.S. identifies as LGBT, and of that 58% are female and 42% are male. It’s also of important note that 29% have children, though that figure would probably be higher if it wasn’t such a challenge for the LGBT community to adopt in some parts of the country.

The average age of LGBT individuals is 37.3, compared to 47.9 for non-LGBT individuals. The graph showing the age ranges seems to weigh much more heavily towards younger LGBT people with the opposite between 65+ LGBT vs non-LGBT. There is a lower unemployment rate, 5% vs 9%, but more LGBT people make less than $24k per year, barely above the poverty threshold. LGBT are also more likely to be uninsured and be insecure about having food.

According to the results of the study the five states with the highest percentage of LGBT individuals, between 5.2 and 5.6%, are Oregon, Nevada, Massachusetts, California, and Washington. Washington DC has the highest LGBT percentage by a wide margin, at 9.8%, though it’s not a state. The bottom five were North Dakota, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, and Alabama.

You can view the full results of the study at:

The Williams Institute


LGBT Demographic Data Interactive (January 2019)

Los Angeles, CA: The Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law.

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