UK church claims God can “fix” LGBT people

An undercover investigation by ITV News has identified a church in south London which claims to be able to help people stop being gay.

Pastor Gbenga Samuel of the Winner’s Chapel International in Dartford, south-east London, promised ITV’s undercover journalist that he could rid him of his homosexuality.

In the broadcast report the journalist reported: “I went through hours of counselling and prayer sessions, all directed at ridding me of my homosexuality.

“Sometimes the prayers in themselves seemed harmless, such as for God to direct me and guide me.

“I felt it changed from something that could have been comforting to something sinister and potentially traumatising.”

The pastor also told him that he had come “under the control of Satan”.

He claimed that the pro-gay messages of acceptance were “carefully scripted” by Satan, and likened them to Nazi propaganda.

Winner’s Chapel told ITV News that it was open to everyone and took inclusion and diversity very seriously.

It denied offering gay conversion therapy, or trying to alter someone’s sexual orientation.