UK Government Fighting to Deny Trans Women Their Pensions

The UK government is showing some major faults as of late, as it has become apparent that they are fighting to prevent trans women from accessing their pensions.

We are learning that a group of four women in their sixties to seventies have been involved in a legal case where they have fallen victim to legislation that is denying them access to the pensions they were entitled to at 60.

The lawyer who is representing the women has said that this case against the Department of Work and Pensions is costing the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds, way more than the ladies are entitled to.

We have spoken on this before, but this case hinges on whether transgender women have obtained a gender recognition certificate, a document that legally establishes your gender identity.

Trans women who have this document receive their pension at 60, but the DWP is arguing that those without must wait until 65 to receive their pension, as that is when men get access to their pension.

The government’s women and equalities committee has said that this document should be gotten rid of and replaced with an online gender self-declaration form, and while this is being considered, it would be implemented too late to help the four women impacted by this case.

Another problem that transgender women in the UK face is that if they worked after they turned 60 without the GRC, they cannot claim for the time they should have been accruing pension.

Letitia, one of the women effected, had this to say: “If I have proved nothing else in this life, I have proved I don’t give up. I am fearsomely stubborn – had I not been, I wouldn’t still be here. I will dig myself out of this as long as I have breath in my body. Let’s hope I win before it’s too late.”

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UK Government Fighting to Deny Trans Women Their Pensions
Article Name
UK Government Fighting to Deny Trans Women Their Pensions
The UK government is fighting to deny a group of transgender women their pensions.