UK Grammar School Distributes Maths Homework with Anti-LGBT Rhetoric

While there are of course religious people living here in the UK, it’s not as strong a presence as in the US. Yet, sometimes anti-LGBT attitudes still rear their ugly heads, and here we have a particularly egregious example of it.

A Reddit user shared a worrying piece of maths homework, which was distributed in their 11+ selective Grammar school, which has an unacceptable (and not to mention completely out of place) piece of anti-gay marriage rhetoric.

Focus your attentions on question seven…


This is something that is completely unacceptable in a UK school, especially a non-religious one. But, while there is an anti-discrimination law that applies to schools, it only really applies to the treatment of pupils and staff, rather than the curriculum. The original Reddit poster also said that it’s not even part of the curriculum, this particular piece of homework was part of a monthly challenge for outside of lessons.

So whether or not this is “illegal” is a difficult question, there is no question that this discriminatory. If complaints are made to the school board, local council and such, there could be quite the backlash for the school.

We will try and make contact with the original poster for comment, and we will also be encouraging them to report this to the appropriate authorities.

Update: The user has informed us that the school in question is Royal Grammar School High Wycombe.

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