Ukranian Gay Couple Pepper Sprayed In Video Experiment

I’m sure most of you have already seen the video experiment that took place in Russia that gauged the reactions of people to a couple holding hands, now another one has taken place in Ukraine.

What we don’t see in the video (which you can find below), is how the pair were approached by a gang of men, asking them various questions, such as do they see themselves as patriotic Ukrainians, as well as asking them if they think they live in the USA. Unsurprisingly, this group (which are described as Neo-Nazis) aren’t actually interested in what the couple have to say. They are merely biding their time until a nearby police patrol has left the area. Once they have, well, it doesn’t go well…

This is a shocking attack, and while the man who pepper sprayed them was chased off by passersby, it is still telling. As one of the couple points out, most people don’t care unless it effects them, but there is still an underlying problem present.


If you haven’t seen the Russian video, you can watch it below.

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