Untitled Magazine Denies Ruby Rose Photos Were Used Without Consent

You may have seen the controversy after Ruby Rose accused Untitled Magazine of using photos of her without consent. Now, Untitled Magazine have responded to these claims.

They have claimed, despite Ruby’s multiple claims to the contrary, that the images were approved “multiple times”.

Untitled Magazine’s official statement, saying: “The Untitled Magazine would like to clarify that the photo shoot with actress Ruby Rose, which took place on April 13, 2015 and the interview, which was completed on June 12, 2015 for an inside feature in the #GirlPower Issue of The Untitled magazine, were with full consent of the actress and her PR team. The Instagram​ post was the first time we heard any concerns from her or her team regarding the photos that were taken.”

Untitled then went on to say that they received “multiple emails” from Ruby’s PR team, expressing their gratitude for the photoshoot, including one sent after the PR team had received a PDF of the published magazine.

“If she relayed any concerns to the photographer and team on set [in Los Angeles] this was not relayed to the magazine, which is based in New York City. The magazine equally was never alerted of any concerns regarding the images after they were taken.”

As you may recall, Ruby actually called for a boycott of the magazine. This was not only because of their apparent use of images without her consent, but also their attitude when she raised it with them. In fact, even after she called them out on both Twitter and Instagram, they responded by promoting the offending issue of the magazine more.

Whether or not this was the magazine’s fault, or if it was just a breakdown of communication between Ruby and her PR team, I don’t know. But Untitled Magazine could have definitely handled this better when Ruby first raised concerns. You can see their original exchange here.

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Untitled Magazine Denies Ruby Rose Photos Were Used Without Consent
Article Name
Untitled Magazine Denies Ruby Rose Photos Were Used Without Consent
Untitled Magazine have denied claims that they used photos of Ruby Rose were used without consent.