US Judge May Block North Carolina’s Anti-Trans Bathroom Law

A US judge may change things for the better this coming Monday, as he will hear arguments to stop North Carolina from enforcing the anti-trans HB2.

HB2 needs no introduction, as it policies bathrooms so you must use the one corresponding to the sex on your birth certificate. It has generated a huge amount of controversy and discussion, with several companies and celebrities boycotting, which has had a large impact on the North Carolina economy.

American Civil Liberties Union and Lambda Legal said in a statement ahead of the hearing: “We hope that this discriminatory law’s days are numbered.” They will be seeking a preliminary injunction.

The trial is set to begin on November 14, with N.C governor McCrory’s lawyer stating that the law should remain in place while this is taking place.

McCrory’s lawyers said in a court filing opposing an injunction: “Any harm to plaintiffs due to lack of access to restrooms designated for the opposite sex certainly cannot outweigh the privacy and safety risks presented to the public.”

Under HB2, government-owned bathrooms are covered but private bathrooms are exempt. This means that bathrooms belonging to the numerous campuses for the  University of North Carolinan are covered under the law.

UNC President Margaret Spellings has said that she is eager for this to be resolved in the suit, which does list the University as a defendant.

She said: “As I have said all along, the University is caught in the middle of an apparent conflict between state law (HB2) and federal guidance that the University did not create.”

HB2 doesn’t just cover bathroom rights, it also removed the ability of communities to set minimum wages higher than minimum wage set by the state and removed LGBT rights to housing and employment other than what is set by the state.

Here’s hoping for a swift removal of this discriminatory law.

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US Judge May Block North Carolina's Anti-Trans Bathroom Law
Article Name
US Judge May Block North Carolina's Anti-Trans Bathroom Law
A US judge may just block the anti-trans HB2 law in North Carolina.