US Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush Doesn’t Issues With Transgender Military Personnel

Jeb Bush, the newly announced Republican US Presidential Candidate has said he doesn’t think “there’s a problem” with open transgender military personnel.

“I’m sure there’s a role for everybody to play in the armed forces,” Bush responded when BuzzFeed News probed him on the issue. “I think it would depend on the role, the specific role, whether it’s appropriate or not.”

“The first priority for the military is to create an environment where the morale’s high, where people are trained, and we have the best fighting force. And if you can accommodate that in that kind of environment, I don’t think there’s a problem for it.”

Ending months of speculation, Jeb Bush announced he would be entering the race to become the next US president. Bush’s comments closely mirror that of US Defence Secretary Ash Carter. “I come at this kind of question from a fundamental starting point, which is that we want to make our conditions and experience of service as attractive as possible to the best people in our country,” he’d told the troops back in February, according to transcripts on the Pentagon’s official website.

“And I’m very open-minded about – otherwise about what their personal lives and proclivities are, provided they can do what we need them do for us. That’s the important criteria. Are they going to be excellent service members?”

On the 5 June, the US Air Force announced transgender identity will no longer be grounds for being discharged.

Via BuzzFeed