Utah Judge Returns Child To Lesbian Couple

You probably read all about how a lesbian couple had their child removed from their care, simply because they are lesbians. Now, the Utah judge responsible for this has reversed the decision.

This decision received quite the forceful backlash, and the judge has now happily allowed the child to stay with the lesbian couple. As you may remember, he cited vague “research” which showed that children are happier with heterosexual parents, which has been disproven time and time again.

Even people on the Republican side of politics showed support for the couple, including Utah Gov. Gary Herbet: “I expect the court and the judge to follow the law. He may not like the law, but he should follow the law. We don’t want to have activism on the bench in any way, shape or form.”

As I discussed in my original article, the Utah Division of Child and Family Services were in opposition of his ruling, and actually filed a motion to reverse the action. They even threatened to file a petition with appeals court to intervene if he did not change his order.

The DCFS had this to say: “The juvenile court judge made the determination that the child would be better served in the home of a heterosexual couple, and mentioned, but did not directly cite, research that supported his decision… it is our position that this removal is not in the best interest of the child.”

The The American Civil Liberties Union also weighed in: “There is a clear scientific consensus that children of same-sex parents fare no differently than their peers. Claims to the contrary have been consistently rejected by the courts.”

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Utah Judge Returns Child To Lesbian Couple
Article Name
Utah Judge Returns Child To Lesbian Couple
The Utah judge that removed a child from lesbian parents, has returned it to the couple.