Utah Mormon Church Opposes LGBTQ Minor Conversion Therapy

In July, a ban on conversion therapy had gotten a green light to be put into practice among psychologists in the state of Utah. However, the Mormon church, The Church of Latter-day Saints, is urging the state not to consider this ban. Conversion therapy, known to be a dangerous practice among mental health practitioners to change one’s sexual orientation is ineffective and does more harm than good, according to the American Psychiatry Association. The American Medical Association has also voiced their concern to lawmakers about banning this practice.

The church’s argument for it’s opposition to banning conversion therapy was “We teach the right of individuals to self-determination and the right of parents to guide the development of their children. We also believe faith-based perspectives have an important and ethically appropriate role in professional counseling.” The Church believes that the ruling is “ambiguous” in its taking into account personal religious beliefs in therapy and children’s gender identity development. An LGBTQ+ rights group in Utah called Equality Utah tweeted about its stance on conversion therapy: “Let’s be clear. Studies have found that more than 60% of children subjected to conversion therapy attempt suicide. It’s long past time to protect youth from this dangerous practice.