Vanessa Carlton Talks About Coming Out As Bisexual

Vanessa Carlton was recently asked by a fan if her coming out as bisexual has impacted her career. You may recall that the singer-songwriter came out at Nashville Pride in 2010.

The musician said that while she was playing Pride, she saw two girls in the audience.

“There were these girls who were in front of me sitting…I could just feel their pain. I felt like I was almost just talking to them. And I said that I’m bisexual. This [Pride] was dedicated to all of us….And it’s all fine. I wanted to connect with them. I wanted them to know I understood.”

She recalled then that her confession just between her and her audience was this big deal online and “became this viral thing,” which wasn’t something she intended.

“I never, ever meant to try and exploit that situation in any way, which I don’t think I did.”

As far as whether or not coming out has impacted her career, she said it didn’t affect anything “one way or the other” except for the fact that “people that are really struggling with their sexuality will feel comfortable talking with me about it, or they’ll be like, ‘Thank you.'”

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Vanessa Calton Talks About Coming Out As Bisexual
Article Name
Vanessa Calton Talks About Coming Out As Bisexual
Vanessa Carlton remembers what prompted her to come out and reflects on if it’s impacted her career.