Victoria shows first gay kiss


ITV’s period drama, starring former Doctor Who companion Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria, aired its first gay kiss last night.

Lord Alfred Paget, played by Jordan Waller, and the Prime Minister’s private secretary Edward Drummond (Leo Suter), were seen to engage in a steamy kiss in the Scottish highlands.

Social media reacted overwhelmingly positively to the embrace, with one commentator saying “The kiss I’ve waited all series for! It was so beautiful! So romantic”.

Another said that it was the “cutest thing” they had ever witnessed.

However the series writer Daisy Godwin admitted to the Daily Mail that he might have been “creative” in her script.

“Some people might get very cross with me,” she told the newspaper.

“But if it did happen, we would never know.

“The word homosexual did not exist in those times.

“There were as many gay people as there are now, but they didn’t define themselves as straight or gay or bisexual.”

Victoria is on ITV on Sunday.