Walter Palmer Faces Threat Of US Prosecution Over Cecil Murder

The outrage over the murder of Cecil the lion shows no sign of abating, if anything it is gaining ferocity.

Now Walter Palmer is facing the threat of prosecution in the US, according to information provided by the Telegraph.

There are undoubtedly multiple reasons for this, but one of them is the complaint received from Betty McCollum, a Democrat congresswoman. This complaint was made to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, who are taking the complaint so seriously that Palmer could face US prosecution.

McCollum has asked officials to investigate whether or not Palmer broke any US laws relating to conspiracy, bribing of foreign officials as well as the illegal hunting of a protected species.

She went on record, saying: “To bait and kill a threatened animal, like this African lion, for sport cannot be called hunting, but rather a disgraceful display of callous cruelty. I will also continue to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pursue laws that protect iconic, threatened and endangered animals around the world from barbaric ‘sport hunting’ at the hands of ultra-wealthy elites.”



The backlash surrounding Cecil’s murder is looking like it is even crossing the US political divide, something which is not easily accomplished. This is shown with comments from the former Republican Speaker in the House of Representative Newt Gingrich,  who is calling for punitive action against all responsible.


You can also see in the photo above the show of fury from local residents and activists, as they cover his practice in signs and cuddly toys. They have also been gathering in protest, as 150 protestors gathered outside his practice to support a demonstration by the Animal Rights Coalition.

In the shorter term, Palmer’s biggest concern is probably how rapidly he is losing patients. Even if he does not get prosecuted for his actions, he will probably find himself out of business because of this debacle. One of his former pateints, Ann Flood, said she will be taking her business elsewhere.


“He will lose a lot of patients because of this and so he should.”

You can see an example of the protests in the video below, which is not ours.