Watch The Trailer for the Upcoming Stonewall Movie

A new trailer for the Roland Emmerich drama Stonewall has been released, which tells the story of the clashes between the LGBT community and police in New York’s Stonewall Inn back in 1969.

Jeremy Irvine portrays Danny Winters, a character created specifically for the movie.  Emmerich explained his decision to create a character specifically for the movie to Vulture: “If you can cast a central character with one or two famous actors, you have a good chance to get the movie financed, but in my case, I knew there was not really one central character in the Stonewall riots.”

Stonewall has received criticism for pushing white gay males into the limelight above other minorities.

“I think we represented it very well,” continued Emmerich. “We have drag queens, lesbians, we have everything in the film because we wanted to portray a broader image of what ‘gay’ means.”

Roland Emmerich’s last debut on the big screen was 2013’s White House Down, and next year we’ll see the sequel to the box office smash Independence Day: Resurgence.