We May See Compulsory Sex & Relationship Education

We might see compulsory sex and relationship education make it’s way to our schools, if Labour leadership hopeful Yvette Cooper has her way.

Yvette is currently serving as Shadow Home Secretary, but is also one of the four candidates to be the next leader of the Labour party. She revealed these plans while discussing her five-point plan for women’s equality.

This is far from the first attempt to introduce LGBT-inclusive sex and relationship education, with Green MP Caroline Lucas recently submitting a backbench bill.

Yvette is pledging to “support compulsory sex and relationship education in all schools to combat rising violence in teenage relationships.”

She also went on to pledge a new Equalities Act, which apparently will give “the Equality and Human Rights Commission real teeth” when tackling equality issues.

You might remember Yvette, as she has campaigned for compulsory SRE before, clashing with House of Lords, Baroness Tina Stowell in a debate.


Yvette said at the time:  “I am really appalled at the way the Government has dragged its feet on this because, when you see the levels of homophobic bullying in schools, the fact that you have some surveys showing almost half of young LGBT people self harming, when you have growing violence in teenage relationships, when you have teenagers exposed to on the internet all sorts of violent pornography and so on – the idea that we are not teaching all of our children respect in relationships, the idea that we are not making it compulsory in every school, I just think is so out of date, and I just think it is horrifying and irresponsible to be honest.”

More recently, when she spoke in a campaign speech in Central London this week, she said: “David Cameron won’t use the f-word. I will. I always have. I’m proud to be feminist. And I want Labour to be championing women’s equality again for the future. And for me, feminism is about equality for all. It’s not about expecting women to change and live men’s lives. Nor is it about excluding men, or dividing women from each other. My feminism will always be inclusive, positive, and about all of us not just some.”


“It’s about changing our economy and society completely, so that both women and men have greater equality, greater opportunity and greater freedom. Putting family at the heart of our economy too – something we’ve never done before. We need a much stronger radical vision of the future. Let’s put feminist and egalitarian principles at the heart of our economy and society, instead of treating them as an add on. That’s why I am launching this 5 point Equalities Plan today amongst so many women of the Labour movement.”