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Ivy Partnerships was established in 2010 by Samantha Lane, providing a tailor-made bespoke service exclusively for the LGBT community.

She is so passionate about the community and endeavours to use suppliers from the LGBT community where possible.

She has built on prior experience in wedding management and events and has completed a course of studies in wedding consultancy (diploma).

We have many friends from the community, and over the years, we have seen the unnecessary challenges our friends have often been faced with when trying to organise an occasion.

We will work closely with you to create beautiful and innovative ideas that span every detail of the big day, from the proposal to the honeymoon to all perfectly tailored to the LGBT community.
Our company description is Dedication Personified. We feel this describes exactly what we do and how we do it. We are at the beck and call of our clients. There are no such things as a silly question or an irrational fear. We aim to be there every step of the way to make your day the very best it can be and to help you feel wonderful about it. We are dedicated to that and to our clients. This is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Some clients only need a light touch, a little guidance or support here and there. Others need the whole process to be controlled and told where they need to be and what to do. Whatever the approach, whatever the requirement, our flexible way of working will be tailored to suit the couple in question.

Also, sometimes one of the couple may be slightly more forthright, maybe have the most ideas and prerequisites for the day and the other may take more of a back seat. This is fine too as we work individually to try and get the right approach for each member of the couple.

I work at a pace and frequency that suits each client. We will have some initial consultations to get a clear picture of the clients’ ideas, needs and desires. Then we work within the budget to recreate that wedding vision. We can then manage the preparation, the actual day and work to seamlessly turn that vision into a joyful reality, without the stresses and strains.

The range of help varies. It can be from organising the pre-wedding dinner for close friends and family the night before the big day when you have so many other things to think about to exuberant stag or hen parties. Another favourite of mine is organising the honeymoons.

I recently worked with a wonderful couple of ladies in London. They had such a huge array of super ideas. Their main focus was the happiness of their guests and It was my job to try and cram it all together with some perspective and help them achieve something magical for both of them and their guests. I really love this aspect even if it seems complicated at first. You could tell they were so energised by working through the ideas together. I love my work!

Planning a wedding can become a full time job, an average of 200 – 250 hours per wedding! That’s a lot of weekends, evenings and lunch hours! Typically you will spend 11 hours a week planning the big day, in the last 7 weeks leading up to the wedding alone.

Working with a wedding manager as a partner will not only free up your time and let you enjoy the planning process, it will also ensure you get the best possible rates with trusted suppliers. We have had particular success with this in the past. If those suppliers happen to be from the community that understands my particular clients best, then even better!

We envision a world which embraces marriage equality and will strive to inspire others through our dedicated service.

I am really a romantic at heart, and there is no greater job satisfaction than combining my love of planning a couple’s dream wedding day whilst also offering my knowledge.

I love to see a concept and beautiful picture in your mind become a reality, and that is why it was a natural progression for me to plan weddings! I am thrilled to be a part of such a dynamic and professional team and look forward to making your vision come true!

Ivy Partnerships – Dedication Personified
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What prompted you to set up Ivy Partnerships and Events in the first place?
Ivy Partnerships and Events was set up in 2010. Prior to that I had an established wedding consultancy business, Ivy Wedding Management and Events. However, more and more of my friends from the community would face such unnecessary hurdles from various suppliers from the venue to the florist, so I felt it was time I specialised within the LGBT community exclusively. Which was the best move I ever made!

Unlike many similar companies your service are targeted exclusively at gay and lesbian couples. What sort of difference does this make to the big day?
At Ivy we seek and establish relationships within the community to ensure our clients’ vision remains respected and realised throughout the planning process. We are proud to service the community. I have met the most wonderful people, people with vibrant ideas, warm hearts and who are passionate about their big day. It is truly inspiring working with these people on a daily basis and very rewarding for me personally in terms of job satisfaction

What do you consider the most important thing in planning a wedding?
Our experience in this industry has shown me that it’s the attention to the smallest of details that collectively makes the most difference on what is the biggest of all days.

How far in advance would you recommend planning a wedding?
It does depend on the size of the wedding but ideally 9 to12 months. However, having said that I did organise a beautiful wedding in London this August with only three months to work with to so anything is possible! I try and be as flexible as possible for my clients so all the long hours are always worth it in the end.

How closely do you work with the happy couple?
I am dedicated to my clients, they know they can call me at any time day or night. I stay in regular touch with my clients, and the frequency and method is what suits them. When a couple trust you to create that most memorable day for them I strongly believe the very least you can do is be there for them, allay any fears they have and provide ideas or just simply be there to listen. Getting married can be quite pressurised at times and I find that sometimes an extra voice with some perspective can help take that pressure away. This helps them to concentrate on the fun and excitement of the planning.

What other events have you organised?
I have organised birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs and some corporate team events.

Do you organise events just in the UK?
Not at all, I have trusted suppliers in Asia and Europe after a number of successful weddings and events. I have been asked to organise honeymoons abroad too.

What has been the most memorable wedding you have organised?
The most memorable wedding I have organised was in rural Oxfordshire: the idyllic setting and personal touches brought to this wedding helped create such an unforgettable day. I always tell my clients personal touches that relate directly to you and your partners character and background will ensure a memorable day!

What makes Ivy Partnerships different to other wedding planners?
At Ivy we are dedicated to providing an extraordinary personal service, and we strive to take all the potential pitfalls and worries away from sight and mind.

I specialise in the community and I love being able to use my creativity to help organise a memorable day for my clients. I work on a partnership basis with them and I will always listen and make sure both are happy at every step of the way. The planning process, after all, is part of the experience!

On a personal level, what has been the most satisfying thing about running Ivy Partnerships and Events?
You cannot beat the joy on people’s faces when a wedding is successfully planned and delivered. It’s such a great human experience, all the important people in your world are there, it’s your biggest day and it has all gone to plan, just perfect! I have the best job in the world!

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