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Pride Life Magazine. The largest LGBT community magazine and website in the UK, a one-stop lifestyle guide for the LGBT and gay community.

Pride Life offers a fresh new perspective on the LGBT community, with regularly updated gay news stories and features on all aspects of LGBT life including gay travel, LGBT careers and diversity issues, legal and financial advice. We also offer a large section of our magazine to the entertainment industry across the UK, with an interest in the LGBT and gay communities.

A combined magazine and website with an intelligent, informed and dedicated Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT community) readership, Pride Life launched in 2007 and delivers an essential blend of news, entertainment and lifestyle stories to the UK’s vibrant LGBT community.

The magazine and website work together to bring you a range of topics that include but not limited to.
Gay travel, Gay careers , Gay financial news , Gay fashion, Gay lifestyle, Gay marriage, Gay entertainment, Gay, Gay bars, Gay scene.We know our demographic and what to make sure that they are well catered for in Pride Life Magazine and www.pridelife.com

We are also the only LGBT and gay community website to include not one but 2 directories to help you find out everything you what to know about the Gay scene and Gay weddings. Where to go, who caters for your needs and an abundance of other useful information.

Pride Life Magazine is distributed to hundreds of venues and outlets across the UK, as well as at the 60+ Pride parades and festivals that take place up and down the country. As the nation’s leading LGBT community title, with an established readership of 250,000 and with a unique selling point for a gay publication, we don’t not have any salacious content or erotic imagery. Pride Life Magazine affords advertisers a springboard into the lucrative and influential LGBT and gay market, knowing that their brand will not be linked with any undesirable content from Pride Life magazine.

Pride Life’s website at pridelife.com is the fastest growing LGBT and gay community site of its kind. A stylish one-stop shop or a portal for the LGBT community. Our specialist LGBT lifestyle magazine features daily articles, reviews listings and our 2 directories, Gay Scene and  Gay Weddings. We also keep readers keep up-to date with their local Pride events and other LGBT and gay comunity event from other providers from around the UK. Our social media campaign came out just a short time ago over Facebook@Pridelifemagazine or over at Twitter@Pridelife. Pride Life’s aim is to target as many people as we can and engage them via any digital or online means.