What Are LGBT Travelers Really Like?

What are LGBT travelers digging these days? Community Marketing Inc. has been tasked with finding out. The company conducts market research studies on LGBT travelers and helps corporations target their brand marketing to this community.

After surveying 4,600 LGBT travelers (of the respondents, 57% were gay men and 32% were lesbians), they made some interesting discoveries. So, what did Community Marketing found out?

  • When asked how important an LGBT-friendly reputation was when selecting a hotel, David Paisley, senior research director for Community Marketing said it “doesn’t really matter anymore, they view them all as LGBT-friendly. If we asked this question a number of years ago [reputation] would have been number one, but now it’s number three and in some communities, it’s number four.”
  • Marriott was the hotel chain that respondents felt reached out best to the LGBT community; Hilton ranked a close second. Hyatt and W Hotels ranked a more distant 3rd and 4th, respectively. And Kimpton rounded out the top 5 hotel chains.
  • 58% of LGBT travelers plan to spend the majority of their expenses on going out to restaurants. Dining out substantially beat out the money travelers planned to spend on hotel accommodations, activities or nightlife
  • More gay men than lesbian women prioritize visiting gay bars and gay neighborhoods when traveling

Did any of these results surprise you?

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What Are LGBT Travelers Really Like?