White House Honors LGBT Artists; Screens The Danish Girl and Transparent

Earlier this week, the White House hosted an event to honor nine LGBT artists as “Champions of Change.” These individuals are seen as examples of voices that can impact the world.  According to the White House’s website: “President Obama has challenged us all to help win the future by out-educating, out-innovating, and out-building our competitors in the 21st century.

Senior Advisor to President Obama, Valerie Jarrett explained: “Champions of Change is really my favorite event that we have here because it makes me hopeful… Sometimes in Washington, you can lose that hopefulness and what it is all about, honoring ordinary people who’ve done just extraordinary things.”

Julian Castro, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, praised the honorees: “I’m convinced that Heaven and history hold a special place for those who are willing to speak out and act out in the service to justice.”

Following the event, were two LGBT panel discussions, as well as viewings of The Danish Girl and the season two premiere of Transparent. The inspiration for Transparent, known as Moppy, and the lead actor, Jeffrey Tambor, attended “Champions of Change” as well.


The list of the nine honorees can be viewed on the White House website.  Congratulations!

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Article Name
White House Honors LGBT Artists; Screens The Danish Girl and Transparent
The white house honors nine LGBT artists and activists through their "Champions of Change" event, which is following by screenings of The Danish Girl and Transparent.