Whoopi Goldberg Responds To Matt Damon Controversy

We all know that Matt Damon inadvertently caused some controversy recently, and it’s still going, despite his attempt to clarify his comments.

Now, Whoopi Goldberg has responded to his comments on The View.

Here’s what Whoopi had to say: “I played a gay woman in Colour Purple, a man in The Associate and we’re actors. We’re supposed to be able to play everything and play it convincingly. So I don’t think whether you know or think or believe I’m gay has anything to do with what my abilities are. As an actor, that’s how I feel.”

She then went on to dimiss the idea that actors need an aura of “mystique” about them in order to be successful.

“You can have your privacy but you’re outed. People tell your business whether you tell your business or not. And, you know, in terms of mystique and all of that stuff, you know…. you used to be able to make that choice for yourself. So I don’t know why everybody gets outed, I don’t know. But I don’t think it has it anything to do with how I view you as an actor.”

You can view the segment below.

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Article Name
Whoopi Goldberg Responds To Matt Damon Controversy
Whoopi Goldberg has responded to Matt Damon's comments on gay actors, and how they need to have an aura of "mystique" to be successful.