Why Adam Lambert Turned Down The Role of Frank-N-Furter

Most everyone who was watched the original Rocky Horror Picture Show could agree that Adam Lambert would make an awesome modern day Doctor Frank-N-Furter. So why did he turn down the famous role in the cult classic remake when it was offered to him?

“I kind of felt like in 2016, to be cis and playing the role of a trans character, it felt inappropriate to me,” Lambert said.

He believes: “In the ’70s, it was different. But nowadays we have such an amazing conversation that’s started about trans and gender in this world.”

Lambert reflected on the role and thought about how his trans friends would feel about him uttering lines such as “I’m a sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania,” when he himself is not trans.

Luckily, the role was then offered to Laverne Cox, who agreed to take on the larger-than-life character.

“I think casting Laverne was so brilliant,” Lambert responded. “It’s so appropriate, you know what I mean? And to re-imagine [the character], as well, because she’s entirely different.”

He continued: “I think they made a really bold, refreshing choice on that. It’s very forward-thinking and it feels very right now, which is going to make this remake really interesting.”

Though he declined the lead role, he didn’t walk away from the production entirely.

“When they started announcing the cast, I said, “Wait a minute — what about Eddie? I wanna play Eddie! I could do that — that’s like one song. Let me just come in and do a bit part!” Because I really, really wanted to be a part of it.”

“I’m a big fan of the original movie, and [director] Kenny Ortega’s a lovely guy. And then I heard that Cisco Adler was producing the music and thought, oh, this is gonna be good. So, I went in and I recorded my songs already. I did my vocals, and they turned out really cool. Now I’m going in for a week in April, in Toronto, to film.”

So, what do you think? Are you going to see the remake of this classic movie?

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