Will Elton John Be Meeting With Putin?

Sir Elton John is going to Moscow… but unfortunately, it is not to meet with Putin.

As you may recall, late last year the singer and the Russian president expressed interest in meeting to discuss LGBT issues.  However, a spokesman for Putin is now saying that they “were in correspondence with (Elton John) a couple of weeks ago, because there had been an agreement that, if their schedules allow, this meeting would take place. President Putin expressed readiness for this meeting. But this time, the meeting won’t take place, unfortunately. Their schedules do not match up. But this does not mean that such a meeting won’t take place next time.”

The Rocket Man has two concerts scheduled for late May in Russia – he will be in St. Petersburg on May 28th followed by Moscow on May 30th.  But it sounds like Putin needs to prioritize his schedule better; perhaps he can cancel his infamous shirtless horseback riding excursions or his judo lessons and find some time to meet with Sir Elton instead.

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Will Elton John Be Meeting With Putin?
Article Name
Will Elton John Be Meeting With Putin?
Elton John is on his way to Russia, despite the country’s outlook on homosexuality.