Will Young Lashes Out at Simon Cowell

Will Young has struck out at his Pop Idol mentor Simon Cowell, on the eve of his first album in four years.

He said speaking with Simon Cowell was “like speaking to a devout Catholic or something, someone anti-gay marriage and anti-contraception.”

Will Young does acknowledge the success he’s enjoyed since being the first winner of Simon’s TV talent, but would like to ask Cowell “What’s it all for? How much is too much? What’s the drive?”

Speaking of his own treatment by Simon Cowell, “I don’t like bullies, and I don’t know if there’s a nurturing side to his shows. It always comes from the top.

“There definitely wasn’t enough pastoral care, and I can’t bear seeing people that aren’t looked after. I didn’t like it at school, and with my friends. I’ve never liked it, and that’s my question for him.”


Will Young also commented on his decision to publically come out: “It was important for me not to walk around living a lie. The biggest decision – to come out – had already happened. What was potentially scary was coming out publicly, because it was a different time, and I could have lost everything.

“What worked for me was the cushion I had, that people had already voted for me, and I think they wouldn’t have liked a mirror shone back on them, that they’d liked somebody but then turned their back.”

Stay tuned to both the website and magazine for an exclusive Will Young interview – the magazine will be the bumper Pride issue.

Source HuffPost