Wireless Festival Gatecrashed By Fans – Videos Within

A huge group of people broke into Wireless Festival last weekend, as performer Lethal Bizzle took to the stage.

Numerous videos have surfaced, both from the perspective of the group trying to both climb over and break down the fences, as well as from the side of the Showsec security trying to keep them out.

In the security side video, you can see security trying their best to keep them out as a huge group of people batter the fences from the other side. But, someone from the inside gives them a helping hand…

Once the gates were opened, security had no choice but to stand back as the horde of people rushed in, as there was simply no way that they could do anything with the team that was present at the time.

And you can see just how many people were involved, if you watch the video taken from the other side.

A spokesperson for Wireless said, shortly after this occured: “This was an isolated incident that was dealt with quickly where no-one was hurt and the perpetrators were removed on an otherwise hugely successful first day.Organisers of Wireless Festival take security very seriously and work closely with ShowSec Security, local police and other agencies to put procedures in place to ensure the event maintains an enjoyable and secure environment for all its customers.”

And at first it did seem that they had managed to deal with this very well, until a new video popped up, thanks to the Evening Standard. In this new footage, you can see the gatecrashers pushing down fences within the venue to spill out into the festival proper, as well as using them as weapons after small groups of violence broke out. As well as several instances of fans verbally abusing security, you can see physical violence between both fans and security as things escalate.

However, that is not the most shocking part of the new footage. Starting from about 1:30, you can see a group of people treating a woman with a bloodied leg. It’s hard to tell what happened, but since eight people were arrested for knife possession and ABH, it’s a fair assumption to say she was stabbed.

An attendee to the festival said to the Evening Standard:

“People were screaming and being trampled on. I saw people bleeding after being injured from the riots. Gates were being used as weapons at one point. People then started to push open all the entrance gates as security watched and more people started to stampede behind us so we slipped through by the side to where the main riot was happening. I could hear people saying someone got stabbed. I could see people bleeding being taken for medical care by the entrance gates once we got in. It was scary and not what I was expecting from a festival run by the biggest promoter in the world.”

The person who shot the video posted on the Evening Standard, Arya, had to this to say about the events: “It was really loud from the concert and all the people shouting. They were all having a go at the security. People that paid to get into the concert couldn’t go in – it was kind of unfair. It was really tense.”

It’s fair to say that Showsec did the best they could, judging from the video taken from the gatecrashers’ point of view, you can see the crowd is easily in the hundreds, and the further videos show how quickly things escalated into violence. I have personally attended other festivals where Showsec run security, and they always do a fantastic job, but unfortunately in this case, it was too much for them to handle. I only hope this does not negatively impact future Wireless Festival showings, as it will be the paying customer who suffers.