Women’s Running Magazine Has Trans Woman On Cover

The July issue of Women’s Running magazine hit newstands, and look who is on the cover…

Amelia Gapin, a 33-year-old trans-woman, who co-founded MyTransHealth was selected by the magazine to be featured on its cover.   Her business helps connect users to physicians and mental healthcare professional who are “trans-friendly.”

Gapin recently told New Now Next: “I wanted to be able to show other trans people what’s possible and that they can be their true selves…You know, I grew up through the 90s and there was never any positive representation… I just remember growing up thinking, ‘I guess there’s nobody else like me. I’m the only person who feels the way that I do.’ It was really, really alienating because I didn’t know you could actually transition and live those things you felt and be the person you knew you were.  I had spent years trying to convince myself to believe lies — that I wasn’t transgender — and there was a lot I had to work through, and running was the place where I did it… It gave me some place to work out aggression and anger that I had when I found out that some friends weren’t the people I thought they were… honestly, I don’t know that I’d still be here if I didn’t have running.”

Jessica Sebor, the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, explained: “What we really wanted to underline is everybody, every person, every woman is welcome into the Women’s Running community and we just thought Amelia’s openness and embracing of her own identity was something that underlined that mission…There are a lot of really unfortunate difficulties and challenges facing the trans community right now…What we hope is that they see there are many of us who stand in support and we want to show that support, and hopefully that provides a bit of comfort.”

So go to your local newsstand and support Amelia!

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