World AIDS Day – HIV Self-Tests Provide STI Solutions for Outside Cities

For those outside cities, or in rural areas where there is no convenient clinic within reasonable distance, there is now a fairly cheap HIV self-test for those who want to get themseleves checked out.

The HIV self test, which is the world’s fastest HIV test, has launched following research from the British HIV Association which indicated that of 28,000 units sold between 2015 and 2016, 75%  were from non-metropolitan areas and almost half of those were first time testers.

With thanks to this data and the work of bioLytical Laboratories, we now have a 60 second solution in the form of the INSTI HIV Self. As well as being the fastest test, it also detects HIV up to two weeks sooner than other HIV tests.

According to bioLytical, the test will provide roughly 18,000 people in the UK who are unaware of their HIV status the opportunity to test without the need for making appointments and waiting for the results.

Dr. Christian Jessen had this to say on the test: “Two of the biggest barriers we face in confronting HIV are awareness and access. Online access to tests and education on the importance of HIV testing are vital this World AIDS Day.”


Stan Miele, bioLytical’s Chief Commercial Officer, also chimed in: “We developed the INSTI HIV Self Test for just this reason, to enable individuals to take control of their own schedule when it comes to HIV testing. The test is easy to use and can be conducted in the comfort of your own home offering an instant result.”

The test is 99% accurate and is done via a finger prick, and as mentioned provides almost instantaneous results. Ordinarily with other home tests, sometimes you have to wait up to 20 minutes for a result and it can be as long as weeks with a lab done test. The kit costs £25.95.

There is also key information included for those you are seeking help either with screening or with getting the care they need.

If you can’t get yourself tested as part of World AIDS Day, or in general, do consider looking into the test here and while it might cost £25, that £25 could mean that you get the help that you need.

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