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The World Egg Bank is the world’s largest international egg donor bank and remains at the forefront of new technologies helping LGBT people to create the family they have always dreamed of.

The World Egg Bank has expanded our physical facilities five-fold! Nestled into the foothills of the warm, ancient desert mountains of Arizona’s capital city, The World Egg Bank has gracefully matured into new, elegant surroundings.

As the only provider who ships donor eggs worldwide, we may be growing, but our focus remains on you, the patient. Our new, spacious state of the art facility only enhances our ability to service your needs while continuing to build long-standing relationships with your doctor of choice.

The World Egg Bank is the world’s first and largest international donor egg bank, based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. As a pioneer in egg banking, The World Egg Bank remains at the international forefront of new technologies, quality management, patient convenience, operational transparency, and exceptional pregnancy rates.  We have earned a trusted reputation over our 20 years of experience. Our responsive and knowledgeable team, our large selection of rigorously screened egg donors, and our simple fee structure makes getting started with The World Egg Bank simple and reassuring.

The World Egg Bank is the only egg bank in the world to focus strictly on donor egg freezing. All other entities engage in a full menu of IVF treatment services for all patients. Our singular purpose is to apply our extensive experience and superior technologies with donor eggs to achieve the best outcome for you, free of other distractions.


We have many egg donors available for you to choose from at your convenience online, and at no cost.  Our donors comply with legislative requirements in the UK, Australia, Canada, the US, and other countries worldwide. You select your egg donor, and we ship your doctor the eggs. All of our eggs are retrieved and frozen (vitrified) from one clinic location by our own skilled personnel. All of our operational functions are centralised and managed by our own staff. Your donor eggs are shipped and arrive in several days. Your doctor warms and fertilises the eggs and then transfers the embryo.  The World Egg Bank supports your doctor’s laboratory staff by sending one of our highly trained embryologists to assist during the first egg thaw, at our expense.

The World Egg Bank has superior and accurate pregnancy rates. Our 2015 data demonstrates a 92% egg thaw survival rate and a 53% pregnancy rate. We incorporate all data from all clinics we ship to, not just our “best” clinics to calculate our data. Our data indicates pregnancy with a foetal heartbeat, and not just an early elevated HCG count.

We meet all international regulatory requirements and, as such, we are the only egg bank that can ship eggs to your own doctor – the intended parent does not need to engage in the burden and cost of travel, taking time off work, or leave the comfort of their existing practice to receive donor eggs. Our staff members take pride in assisting patients and clinics, and no question is too silly to ask! The team has their own personal experiences with third party reproduction, which allows us to appreciate the concerns of our intended parents and donors.

For those faced with infertility or third party reproduction, The World Egg Bank team strives to make family building a simple reality.

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World Egg Bank | About Us
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World Egg Bank | About Us
The World Egg Bank, the world's leading international egg donor bank, tell you a little bit about themselves.