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The World Egg Bank is the world’s largest international egg bank, and for over 20 years has been helping people around the globe achieve their dream of starting families.

Thinking about having a child?

Once you decide you want to have a child, you are already thinking like a parent. Undoubtedly, you want to be able to make the best choices you can for a healthy baby, as a parent should. Becoming parents within the yet unfamiliar arena of reproductive technologies, requires trusting others you hardly know with a deeply personal choice. The World Egg Bank knows that. Our focus is on earning your trust, by providing you with information, options, direction, and the best technology in egg banking. Our directive is to make your choice to have a child a simple reality.

The World Egg Bank is the world’s first and largest international egg bank, based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. As a pioneer in egg banking, The World Egg Bank remains at the international forefront of new technologies, quality management, patient convenience, operational transparency, and exceptional pregnancy rates.

How The World Egg Bank Came to Be

In 1996, founder and CEO, Diana Thomas, had her first child with donor eggs, which was one of the first 100 babies reported with donor eggs in the US. Diana had to locate her own egg donor, establish contracts, disclosures, and walked hand in hand through the process with her egg donor to understand her experience. In order to help others who found themselves without existing guidance, she opened and operated an international egg donor agency in 1996, and in 2004, the first frozen egg bank in North America. All the while, Diana was building processes that were sensitive to recipient parent’s needs, donor needs, potential needs of the child and setting standards to meet international regulatory and medical requirements. After 20 years of perfecting the process and establishing relationships worldwide, The World Egg Bank has earned a trusted reputation. Our team of scientists, doctors, and staff are among the most experienced in the field of IVF in the US and our Medical and Scientific Advisory Board consists of world renowned experts.

Why Choose The World Egg Bank?

The World Egg Bank is the only egg bank in the world to focus strictly on donor egg freezing. All other entities engage is a full menu of IVF treatment services for all patients. Our singular purpose is to apply our extensive experience and superior technologies with donor eggs to achieve the best outcome for you, free of other distractions.

We have many egg donors available for you to choose from at your convenience online, and at no cost.  Our donors comply with legislative requirements in the UK, Australia, Canada, the US and other countries worldwide. You select your egg donor, and we ship your doctor the eggs. All of our eggs are retrieved, frozen (vitrified) from one clinic location by our own skilled personnel, and all of our operational functions are centralised and managed by our own staff.

Your eggs are shipped and arrive in several days. Your doctor warms and fertilises the eggs and transfers the embryo.  The World Egg Bank supports your doctor’s laboratory staff by sending one of our highly trained embryologists to assist during the first egg thaw, at our expense.

We Remain at the Forefront of Technology!

The World Egg in the ONLY egg bank to provide full genetic screening of a donor’s egg and the sperm to avoid disease potential prior to fertilisation. The highly effective technology, called Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), can avoid the “paring” of 600 genes and 6,000 mutations between the unique individual DNA of the sperm and egg that can lead to very serious illnesses in a child. This astounding technology can allow you, as a parent-to-be, to begin making choices for a healthier child prior to conception. 8% of couples have “shared” genetic mutations that can lead to disease in their offspring, but you now have the option to avoid conditions in your child that have no cure.

The World Egg Bank believes in building relationships with our donors, you as a patient, and with your doctor’s practice. We actively engage in problem solving and ongoing communication throughout your process, and we are available 24/7 to resolve concerns. Having a child is a life-long endeavor and we want to make your new beginning as simple as we can.

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World Egg Bank | Making Babies
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World Egg Bank | Making Babies
The World Egg Bank is the world’s largest international egg bank, and for over 20 years has been helping people around the globe achieve their dream of starting families.