Yale University To Have Gender Neutral Bathrooms

In recent months, bathrooms have become a battleground as lawmakers have been targeting transgender people now that they’ve realised they cannot target same-sex marriage.

The amount of states introducing anti-LGBT and anti-trans bathroom laws is sadly growing, which is why it’s nice when something positive happens. Now, top Ivy League university, Yale, has become the latest institution to introduce gender neutral bathrooms on campus.

They even released a helpful interactive map, showing where the 322 gender neutral bathrooms across the campus in New Haven, Connecticut, are located.


Tamar Gendler, Dean of Yale’s faculty of Arts and Sciences spoke to the Associated Press, saying: “Yale aims to be a leader on this front. Part of what is important about the all-gender bathroom project, and about putting it at the top of our commencement site, is this is about public signaling.”

This isn’t the only step that Yale have taken for their transgender and intersex students, however. They also use students’ preferred pronouns, cover the costs of gender reassignment surgery under the student health plan and allow people to change the name on their student ID.

All of these changes are not only very welcome for the trans and intesex students attending Yale university, but also a fantastic show of support of solidarity from an Ivy League school. In these current times, where there have been anti-trans bills proposed in 21 states, support like this means a lot.

Good work, Yale.

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Yale University To Have Gender Neutral Bathrooms
Article Name
Yale University To Have Gender Neutral Bathrooms
Yale University are set to have gender neutral bathrooms.