YouTuber Creates “Bye Biphobia” Campaign To Highlight Bisexual Struggles

A Youtuber by the name of Rachel Whitehurst has made a bit of a name for herself by creating a series of videos called Bye Biphobia.

As the name suggests, the goal of this campaign is to highlight the struggles faced by bisexual men and women, and hopefully dispel some of the common misconceptions about bisexual people.

The first video in her video series pulls no punches, as it is simply titled “Stop Proving Your Sexuality”.

In this video, which you can find below, Rachel says: “As an out bisexual woman, my sexuality is constantly being questioned by other people.¬†You don’t have to be bisexual to have your sexuality questioned by other people, but I believe that bisexuals get the most invalidation from other people about their sexuality because there are still people out there who don’t believe that it’s something that even exists.”

Sadly, this is true. Biphobia is rife, even within the LGBT community and I have witnessed much of it myself.

Rachel rightly points out that the issue is that people often accuse bisexuals of either being “fake” for attention, or that they are just confused. She even says that people feel “entitled” to know a bisexual person’s sexual history so they can “form an opinion” if it’s true or not.

Rachel has certainly seen rewards for her hard work, and not just in terms of the high views she gets on each video. If you take a look at the comments, you will see an outpouring of support and gratitude.

One viewer wrote: “‘Thank you so much for saying this! I hate that whenever someone asks me if I’ve ever had a girlfriend or a kiss a girl I feel like I have to explain to them that it’s not because I don’t know who I am or what I want.”

Another expressed gratitude, saying: “Really thank you for this, Its so sad that people assume that if you’re bisexual it’s just a phase, or you’re just pretending until you can finally be out as gay, or that you just wanna hang anything that walks. People don’t realize that that sexuality is a large spectrum of in betweens, more than the others, none at all, and all at once.”

I, for one, hope Rachel continues this series. The best way to fight biphobia is to educate and give perspective on the issues that bisexual people face. It really does sadden me that I see so much hatred towards bisexuals (both online and in person) from within the LGBT community.

Of course, there is plenty of support there too, but there are more hateful comments you would expect from a movement based around acceptance. We wish you all the best, Rachel.

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YouTuber Creates
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YouTuber Creates
Youtuber Rachel Whitehurst has created a campaign called Bye Biphobia in order to highlight the struggles faced by bisexual men and women.