Youtuber Shane Dawson Comes Out As Bisexual

Shane Dawson, a popular Youtuber with 6,728,673 subscribers posted an emotional video today where he came out as bisexual.

The video has only been up for around 14 hours as I write this, and has already reached 1,307,874 views and has 220,290 likes vs 3,310 dislikes.

This video will undoubtedly wrench the hearts of most people who watch it, whether or not you have been through something similar yourself.

Shane says in the video: “I never thought I would be making this, ever. But I woke up this morning and I just had to.”

He went on to express his hope that his video would hope those in a similar situation, and went on to say that he came to this realisation  “through therapy and just through being honest with myself, I am bisexual.”

In the video, which is jarring in the fact that it is missing the usually very high production videos of his content, Dawson went onto say that he wished he was gay, simply so he would “know who I was”.

Apparently, agonising over not being “completely” gay, or straight has been a huge issue in his life, but according to what he told his fans, he his now happy with himself and went on to urge people to not be afraid of who they are.

The outpouring of support is just immense, because if you take a look at the comments section you will see numerous posts from fans and newcomers alike thanking Shane for his honesty and also backing him in his decision to come out.

Just one example from Youtube user TonyLewinsky says: “I don’t know you, but I’ve been watching you videos since I was 11 together with my best friend & we adored watching you, you were our first youtuber. But lets get to the point. Not everyone will support you, that’s normal, but some will & I know a lot of your subscribers support you, maybe not all, but a lot. And about being bisexual.. It’s more “strange” than being gay or straight IN THE EYE OF SOCIETY, but not to everyone, some people are supportive. If some people don’t respect you? F*** that?! Gender, sexual orientation, etc does not define you. We love you & I’m sure your friends are supportive.”

Head on over to his channel by clicking here.